So why the scenic route? Well the scenic route is always slower - and poems have been coming out a lot slower since I hit a spell of 'writers block'! That's write, sorry right I've suffered from an inability to honour my contract of knocking out twenty poems every three months! I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later. Of course I went straight away to see my GP, he advised regular trips to the Motherland, taking as many photos as possible - which in fact I am doing, lockdown permitting. So here we go, enjoy the ride... Ode to Qwerty Uiopas Behold the Poet! He's just not writing anymore the Minstrel can't sing either when he's been denied the score their ideas have all dried up, of this fact there is no doubt searching for the spark when the lights have all gone out perhaps a calm blue sea with a beach that's full of birds might translate in real terms to a page that's full of words but the bog cotton still waves and bids 'please keep on